Raymond, George, Joseph & Family

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I feel that most of the time, the subjects of my photography are people I know and have photographed before, or friends of people I know and have photographed before.  Its always a nice when someone contacts me from having seen some of my work and wants me to photograph them.


Such was the case with the wonderful family I met with at Penn State this past weekend.  After many discussions with mom about when, where, weather, and wondering if 3 boys would cooperate…I have to say that this was a pretty straight forward and painless photo shoot.  The family had a warmth about them that made capturing their essence simple.  The icing on the cake was the sweet old yellow lab who could have cared less about my tennis ball or the crazy noises I was making to encourage eye contact.  (Anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for old dogs, especially old Labradors!)


The two older boys were as different as night and day.  Quieter Raymond, and George, who could not be expected to contain his energy simply for a photo shoot.  Let’s just say there was a lot of tree climbing and wall hopping and sibling horseplay happening between these two kiddos…


And finally, the little guy, who – much like the dog – could have cared less about anyone’s theatrics and had other things to investigate besides the girl with the camera.  I absolutely have to give props to the 5 month old who spent in hour in the cold at the end of the day with barely a fuss or a frown.  He was also pretty cute 🙂

DSC_1195 DSC_1079

Thank you again for a great afternoon!


Larissa & Larry

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Shooting weddings.  Always a bundle of different emotions.  Nervousness.  Pressure to capture it all perfectly and pressure to move fast at certain spots.  Nostalgia and happiness at, you know, LOVE.  The curiosity of watching another family and group dynamics.  And of course, this:


Two people joining their lives together, or in this case, solidifying a solid path that they’ve already paved with years of being together, 3 children, and 1 on the way.  I could not have been more at ease photographing these two.  Aside from their general easy-going personalities, they had a laid back and fun approach to their day.  And, the bride was beyond stunning.  Throw in some adorable children, a wedding party ready to have a blast, and a beautiful day and you have, well, the perfect wedding day.  Congratulations Larry and Larissa!

12094949_10206060205118999_4599150279898334258_o 12052434_10206002852365216_658863249767950488_o 12032907_10206060205279003_8987073514860462931_o 12027563_10206024140377403_9117679062374517540_n 12000850_10206015832729717_8191780032355735205_o 11952737_10206024140777413_3540657415759837921_o 11930854_10206060204398981_5501543180407397368_o 11850460_10205995581703454_5321650733334471178_o 11822994_10206024141017419_4598038122496583724_o 12045229_10206002852165211_2550624995103932803_o

Vanessa & Lily

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This year, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with a lot of my extended family for the reason of celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  Many of my cousins and their families came in from out of town, and it was truly wonderful to spend time catching up and chatting with the kids I grew up with.  My cousin Ashlee and her family had recently announced a move to Germany in September, and she asked if I would photograph her girls at my own family’s pond…of course I said yes.


Vanessa was the first of the great-grandchildren to be born, and Lily is somewhere in the middle (I believe there are 14 now??)  Two sisters who could not be more different in looks, style, and personality.  Vanessa came ready to perform for and dominate the camera (and perhaps the world?)  Lily was more concerned with exploring the edges of the pond and looking for frogs and other little treasures.  Both girls possess a beauty and a strength that is entirely their own and I am so, so thankful I got to spend some time with them since it may be several years before they return from their world travels!  Thanks Ash!

11058528_10205818955727915_5059074335846068605_o 11885703_10205821800039021_7529602495262073852_o

Marlow & Eloise

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Sometimes the universe throws you a curveball…and then sometimes it rewards you sweetly.  Three years ago I photographed a “newborn” Eloise at age 6 weeks because she decided to arrive a bit early and spent some time in the NICU.  I have a soft spot for those babies who come into the world gracefully fighting, and like most of them, Eloise proved to be a warrior.


Last year, mom Jamie and I had a vision.  A vision that did NOT include bitter temps, 20 MPH wind gusts, children with blue lips from the cold and blue faces from a sharpie incident.  The vision included large lollipops…but not necessarily the red sticky faces and hands (and white sweaters) that came along with it.  But this year?


This year the universe delivered a perfect day with two happy and eager to smile little girls.  Miss Marlow with the natural photogenic gene and Miss Eloise who’s personality is so striking its almost frightening at times.  Two little girls going big places.  And Mom isn’t too bad either 😉

12036429_10206000685831054_477096447246650907_n 12002508_10206002671560696_372789492795561134_o

Ethan, Austin and Eli & Family

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I say it again and again, but repeat clients are my favorite.  Besides getting to know them and what they hope to achieve from the photo shoot, there is a feeling of comfort in already knowing people, and knowing what to expect.  In this case…I knew to expect two very active little boys.  Last year, Ethan was a friendly 3 year old and Austin was a shy 1 year old.  This year…Ethan was more interested in exploring the gorgeous surroundings of Francis Slocum State Park (can’t blame him) and Austin was a man on a mission…to NOT be photographed.  Their new baby brother, Eli, rounded out the family on what was a really spectacular fall morning….DSC_0375

As a rule I shoot “lifestyle” photography…I really love the challenge of capturing “real life” in a beautiful way, versus trying to force the perfect shot (I save that for my own kids…still haven’t nailed it!)  Sometimes, the best captures are the authentic, gritty, realistic moments that encompass real life.  A child frowning.  A baby yawning.  A mom reaching down to fix and little child’s hair.  A gaze or a smile caught unexpectedly.  Or: this….


It doesn’t get any more truthful than wrangling a toddler on to a bench with a newborn in your arms while the rest of the family makes faces.  It also doesn’t get any more truthful than this:

DSC_0394 DSC_0385

Because new life, essentially, is quite perfect.  Thank you Jackie and Adam for having me capture your boys again.  Can’t wait for next year!

Xavi, Angel + Family

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Every once in awhile you discover a hidden gem that has always been there.  Such was the case with this photo shoot that took place at the lake at Beech Mountain – where I have been before and even photographed a wedding – but never for a summer sunset.  Enter 5 year old twins Xavi and Angel, and their parents.  Throw in a paddleboard and a few margaritas (for mom and dad of course) and we had ourselves the perfect set up for some really lovely family photos.  We joked that with two high-spirited little boys, we weren’t even going to try for that “perfectly posed” family portrait.  But…we caught it anyhow, along with many more realistic captures of this beautiful family!  Thanks, guys!

DSC_0214 DSC_0197 DSC_0179 DSC_0124 DSC_0106 DSC_0024

The Saylor Family

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This is the third time I have traveled to Mifflinbug PA to photograph the Saylor family at their beautiful countryside dairy farm.  I have been there in the winter and in the fall, but this was my first summertime shoot.  We had what could only be described as a perfect late summer evening.  Warm weather, blue sky, and a lovely sunset all contributed to the shoot!  Below are just a handful of my favorites!

DSC_0382 DSC_0431 DSC_0447 DSC_0599