Vanessa & Lily

This year, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with a lot of my extended family for the reason of celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  Many of my cousins and their families came in from out of town, and it was truly wonderful to spend time catching up and chatting with the kids I grew up with.  My cousin Ashlee and her family had recently announced a move to Germany in September, and she asked if I would photograph her girls at my own family’s pond…of course I said yes.


Vanessa was the first of the great-grandchildren to be born, and Lily is somewhere in the middle (I believe there are 14 now??)  Two sisters who could not be more different in looks, style, and personality.  Vanessa came ready to perform for and dominate the camera (and perhaps the world?)  Lily was more concerned with exploring the edges of the pond and looking for frogs and other little treasures.  Both girls possess a beauty and a strength that is entirely their own and I am so, so thankful I got to spend some time with them since it may be several years before they return from their world travels!  Thanks Ash!

11058528_10205818955727915_5059074335846068605_o 11885703_10205821800039021_7529602495262073852_o


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