Marlow & Eloise

Sometimes the universe throws you a curveball…and then sometimes it rewards you sweetly.  Three years ago I photographed a “newborn” Eloise at age 6 weeks because she decided to arrive a bit early and spent some time in the NICU.  I have a soft spot for those babies who come into the world gracefully fighting, and like most of them, Eloise proved to be a warrior.


Last year, mom Jamie and I had a vision.  A vision that did NOT include bitter temps, 20 MPH wind gusts, children with blue lips from the cold and blue faces from a sharpie incident.  The vision included large lollipops…but not necessarily the red sticky faces and hands (and white sweaters) that came along with it.  But this year?


This year the universe delivered a perfect day with two happy and eager to smile little girls.  Miss Marlow with the natural photogenic gene and Miss Eloise who’s personality is so striking its almost frightening at times.  Two little girls going big places.  And Mom isn’t too bad either 😉

12036429_10206000685831054_477096447246650907_n 12002508_10206002671560696_372789492795561134_o

~ by lindsayf26 on October 20, 2015.

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