Larissa & Larry

Shooting weddings.  Always a bundle of different emotions.  Nervousness.  Pressure to capture it all perfectly and pressure to move fast at certain spots.  Nostalgia and happiness at, you know, LOVE.  The curiosity of watching another family and group dynamics.  And of course, this:


Two people joining their lives together, or in this case, solidifying a solid path that they’ve already paved with years of being together, 3 children, and 1 on the way.  I could not have been more at ease photographing these two.  Aside from their general easy-going personalities, they had a laid back and fun approach to their day.  And, the bride was beyond stunning.  Throw in some adorable children, a wedding party ready to have a blast, and a beautiful day and you have, well, the perfect wedding day.  Congratulations Larry and Larissa!

12094949_10206060205118999_4599150279898334258_o 12052434_10206002852365216_658863249767950488_o 12032907_10206060205279003_8987073514860462931_o 12027563_10206024140377403_9117679062374517540_n 12000850_10206015832729717_8191780032355735205_o 11952737_10206024140777413_3540657415759837921_o 11930854_10206060204398981_5501543180407397368_o 11850460_10205995581703454_5321650733334471178_o 11822994_10206024141017419_4598038122496583724_o 12045229_10206002852165211_2550624995103932803_o


~ by lindsayf26 on October 20, 2015.

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