Ethan, Austin and Eli & Family

I say it again and again, but repeat clients are my favorite.  Besides getting to know them and what they hope to achieve from the photo shoot, there is a feeling of comfort in already knowing people, and knowing what to expect.  In this case…I knew to expect two very active little boys.  Last year, Ethan was a friendly 3 year old and Austin was a shy 1 year old.  This year…Ethan was more interested in exploring the gorgeous surroundings of Francis Slocum State Park (can’t blame him) and Austin was a man on a mission…to NOT be photographed.  Their new baby brother, Eli, rounded out the family on what was a really spectacular fall morning….DSC_0375

As a rule I shoot “lifestyle” photography…I really love the challenge of capturing “real life” in a beautiful way, versus trying to force the perfect shot (I save that for my own kids…still haven’t nailed it!)  Sometimes, the best captures are the authentic, gritty, realistic moments that encompass real life.  A child frowning.  A baby yawning.  A mom reaching down to fix and little child’s hair.  A gaze or a smile caught unexpectedly.  Or: this….


It doesn’t get any more truthful than wrangling a toddler on to a bench with a newborn in your arms while the rest of the family makes faces.  It also doesn’t get any more truthful than this:

DSC_0394 DSC_0385

Because new life, essentially, is quite perfect.  Thank you Jackie and Adam for having me capture your boys again.  Can’t wait for next year!


~ by lindsayf26 on October 20, 2015.

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