Stephanie & Maddison


Sometimes a photo shoot is just a photo shoot; sometimes its an adventure, a creative and inspiring experience.  Such was the case with Steph and Maddison.

Stephanie wanted some personal photos of herself, some of her daughter to commemorate her 6th birthday, and of course some of the two together.  We packed up and headed to the nearby town of Jim Thorpe on a late summer evening for what was to become a fun and ridiculously successful shoot.  We let my son Gabe (Maddison’s cousin, the same age) tag along which added quite a bit of humor to the night (if you haven’t listened to conversation between two 6 year olds lately, please do.  Steph and I are STILL laughing about their car-ride convos!)

These girls have suffered a great loss this year, but what’s emerged is a state of grace and a mother daughter bond that is probably deeper than most of us can imagine.  These are two tough chicks who keep each other strong, and who keep each other from being too serious–as evidenced by the first photograph, my favorite of the shoot and quite possibly one of my favorites of all time 🙂











~ by lindsayf26 on June 21, 2013.

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