A Certain Very Cute Almost 3-Year Old

My little guy will be turning THREE in a few days…ahhh, where did that time go??!!  I wanted to get his hair cut short for the summer, so I decided to do his 3-year photos a few days early, while he still had his long locks!  Shooting photos of my own kid is always tricky!   He is completely used to having a camera in his face, and not really interested in holding still, smiling, or listening to mom!  Fortunately Grammy was on hand to coach him into positions and bribe him with smarties:) 

As a photographer, I generally prefer more candid portraits.  I never feel that a composition needs a smiling, posed subject to be considered excellent.  However, as a parent I wanted a few posed shots–most parents do!!  These pictures were so cute I couldn’t resist sharing.  They make me laugh knowing the hoops my mom and I had to jump through to get him to “pose”!   All of them were taken at my parents’ farm outside of Selinsgrove–this is a great location if you are interested in getting photos of your family or children this summer!

~ by lindsayf26 on July 3, 2010.

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