Ben-Xmas Card Shoot

Every photographer has things that make their photography unique…editing tricks, props, certain angles.  I love going to people’s houses and just using what’s available to create unique images.  It’s easy to “plan” a holiday shoot, but more fun to spontaneously utilize what might be lying around.  I also love the editing process, and the challenge of taking photographs that may not be up to my standards and “fixing” them by changing the exposure, adding filters, or even a simple crop.  As I get further along in my photography venture, I find that I learn something new at every shoot.

For example, at the recent pet photo shoot, I discovered a red blanket on the floor reflects PINK on a white dog!  Seems obvious but it didn’t occur to me beforehand.  And at little Ben’s Christmas Card shoot, I realized that asking him to pose (in a Santa hat no less!) while two of his little friends played was…well, asking for a lot!!  Ben did awesome though, and his cuteness prevailed!  Below are my 2 favorite shots – one inside, and one outside.


~ by lindsayf26 on December 3, 2009.

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