Pet Pictures with Santa!

Tigger and Buster...adorable!

Today’s photo shoot was “Pet Pictures with Santa” to support the animal shelter.  Although I am not a pet photographer per say, I do love animals and in my pre-motherhood days worked as a veterinary technician.   it was great to combine two things that I love, and for a good cause as well!  We had quite a few laughs with the trio of dogs and Baxter (see below), and I have to say that everyone who came in today had wonderful, adorable, and well-behaved animals!!  Check out a few shots from today.

For those of you who showed up today, thank you!!  Your photos will be ordered tomorrow and hopefully shipped by the end of the week.  If you are interested in ordering more prints, please contact me via email

Amazing feats were performed to capture these 3...Sydney, Zoey and Sierra!

Lady...picture perfect!

More sweaters. More cuteness. These 3 were like old pros!Tigger and Buster...adorable!

Baxter...okay, he wasn't with Santa, but who can deny a Lab in a blue sweater?

~ by lindsayf26 on November 30, 2009.

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