Macay-Senior Photos

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Things that make you feel old:

  1. When people the same age as you have kids who are high school seniors
  2. When said high school seniors are a foot taller than you (okay, that’s not a stretch)
  3. When said high school senior was someone you first photographed when he was perhaps 11 years old (and it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago!)


Yesterday I made my 3rd (4th?) voyage to good old Mifflinburg for a photo shoot on the Saylor’s dairy farm. As mentioned above, Macay is about to start his senior year of college and so of course it was time for pictures! As always, we managed to snag a beautiful day. The farm provides a perfect background and we even had a few 4 legged guest stars. Good luck on your senior year, Macay!


Gina & Brandon

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This past week, I traveled to my old stomping grounds, aka Selinsgrove, Pa, to take engagement photos for a young couple named Gina and Brandon. For anyone who does not know, Selinsgrove is a small town in Central Pa with a beautiful little downtown and an equally beautiful setting along the Susquehanna river. We concentrated on these two areas–a huge thank you to several of my family friends for allowing us to use their private riverfront access!!

The weather had previously thwarted several of our attempts to get together, but on this day, the cloudy, threatening sky only added a bit of depth to these photographs. I think our shoot went great–congratulations Gina and Brandon!

Decker Thomas

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While I adore newborns in general, and in particular love newborn shoots, I can say without hesitation that newborns are notorious for sleeping all the time…except during a photo shoot. Sweet, tiny little Decker was no exception. The persistence of his intent to stay awake was pretty impressive.

Nonetheless, with a bit of time and patience he did eventually drift off for a whopping ten minutes. In the meantime, we managed to get a lot of photos of him wide awake, with his dad Eric and his beautiful (really, she’s stunning!) mama, Reese.



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I am sure somewhere along the line, I’ve attended a Catholic mass and christening, but I do believe this was my first experience as an adult. I wasn’t sure what to expect other than having been forewarned that it would be a LONG ceremony!

It was long, but it was also quite beautiful, and with Sebastean being the only little guy being baptized, the focus was on him. We were unable to get all of the group shots we wanted due to time constraints, and so the focus of the shoot shifted from planned and posed to documentary style. No worries, baby Sebastean was full of smiles and quite the handsome little man!



Mason Family

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There’s a little madness in every family, and this quick mini-shoot last December proved exactly that. With a literal window of 15 minutes when every member of this family would be home, a persnickety 5 year old, a rambunctious bulldog and a crazy cat–the pressure was on! Fortunately we snagged the above shot easily…and had a lot of outtakes!


Aidan, Avery and Alexa

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Perhaps one of my favorite photo shoots ever, and inspiration for a “big” family shoot in the future–Aidan, Avery and Alexa’s Christmas card mini-shoot. We had the perfect spot, the perfect weather–misty and warm meant easy lighting and not freezing our butts off! These kids were a pleasure to work with!

Arla’s Family

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From now on, when I set up a shoot with Morgan, Jeff, and Arla, I will refer to them as the Perfect Family. Aside from good genetics and well-coordinated outfits, these three know how to pose with the best of them (perhaps former model Jeff coached his girls a bit?) Either way, this shoot–intended to produce a yearly Christmas card–went off without a hitch! Can’t wait to see this family again!